About me;
Hi , I'm Anna, I'm from Portugal, Porto. Yes, I'm portuguese I'm in love with HTML and Photoshop. Also, I like make PMVs, but i'm not the best. My favourite colour is blue, and I like pop, K-pop, hip pop, but i hate jazz. I like play Minecraft, and I'm fan of Tomb Raider. About Animes... I like Dangan Ronpa, Gatchaman Crowds, Love Live, Kiss X sis, and others. I read Homestuck and I'm brony.


Rarity Griffon by FarewellDecency

Watch in 720p, PLEASE!

Weeee loveeeee design… This music has everything to do with me. q But here we go, a small PMV with Rarity that I made today because I didn’t have anything to do.


Still trying out little animations. 

Coco Pommel gifs from Rarity takes Manehattan & Twilight’s Kingdom for xmystiiedream


Princess Celestia by DesignJH


Rarity in #7 gif as requested by one of my besties for her birthday. 


rarity, #6

Anonymous: would you mind making icons?

Of course not 

Trixie gifs for Anonymous from “Boast Busters” & “Magic Duel”

And yes, I am doing requests again, in case I missed a request you asked for, please, ask again c:

artist | image | beneath the tangles


간단하게 Flutter shy!!


Rainbow Dash

Greatest cosplays ever >

dear cas,